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Marine Links Education Kit

A Tasmanian Marine Education Resource for Grades 5-8

Document Summary

Marine Links is an Education Resource Kit for use by teachers and marine educators. The kit has been developed to align with school curriculums and contains marine information, textbooks and practical hands-on marine teaching materials.  Marine Links is organised into five sequential teaching units: 1. Marine and Coastal Habitats; 2. Marine Life; 3. Sustainable Fisheries; 4. Marine Reserves; 5. Human Influences. Recreational fishing is found in Unit 3.

The Marine Links Resource Kit includes classroom exercises (suitable for Grades 5-8) and teaching aids such as marine textbooks, fish display posters and banners, maps, fisheries awareness brochures, a set of model fishing gear and moulds of popular recreational fish species.

Document Author/s

Marine Links is a joint initiative of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, the Department of Education and the Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre. Funding support includes the Fishwise Community Grants Fund and the Australian Government through the previous Natural Heritage Trust. This kit was originally developed and prepared by Jennifer Pratt from the Department of Education with input from Wild Fisheries Management Branch staff and the Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre staff. This revised edition has been developed by staff of the Recreational Fisheries Section of the Wild Fisheries Management Branch including Rod Pearn, Sally Williams and Damian Heran with input from the original author. Thanks also to Ros Asten and Pam Elliott from the Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre for their contributions and to Northern Fishcare Volunteer Alan Ekert for his advice about the lesson plans.

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